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"You do not pause flappy bird, flappy bird pauses you"

- Me to my brother arguing over why there isn’t a pause feature on flappy bird (via lecterlocked)


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kids these days with their flappy crush and candy bird

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Are you looking for some cool photo editing apps to make the best of your Instagram pictures? Here are 15 of the best free or low cost ones out there!

Do you wish you had access to all of the high end airbrushing tools that the celebs do so you can look flawless in your photos? Now you can! Just download Facetune and you can quickly and easily eliminate minor facial imperfections from all your photos! It’s available for only $2.99 on iPhone or iPad.


Snapseed is an Instagram photo editing app that lets you complete a myriad of tasks from redeye reduction to tilt shift to straightening to textured filters. And the best part? It’s completely free!


Another free photo editor for Instagram with a lot of cool features is Aviary. In addition to a host of color correctors and other effects, Aviary is known for it’s one tap auto enhance feature, which automatically fixes your picture. It also offers something useful that Instagram doesn’t, the ability to crop.


Afterlight is a great Instagram photo editing app that lets you perform a bunch of functions from adjusting brightness and contrast, adding borders and over 30 filters including vintage ones that let you add effects such as light leaks. All this is a bargain at only 99 cents.


Do you wish you could add words to your pictures? Overgram is another free app that lets you do this with ease. You can choose from a ton of different fonts so you can make your message serious or funny or whatever you want!


PicFrame is an app that lets you combine similar photos into a collage that you can then share as one photo. It looks cool and you can keep from sharing a stream of similar photos and annoying your friends! You can arrange up to 9 photos on the collage however you want and it only costs 99 cents.


DXP is a really interesting editing app that lets you add a double exposure effect to your pictures which gives them an ethereal quality. It has a free version with a few effects included or for just $1.99, you can download the full version and get a lot more to work with, including 18 different compositing operations!

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"I’ve been using Google for over 10 years, I still have NO IDEA what The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button does."

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"I’ve been using Google for over 10 years, I still have NO IDEA what The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button does."

Source: renoirs